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An Alternative To Attorney Billable Time Paralegal Hours Per Client Case Attorney billable time paralegal expenses for clients have always been a bit of a dilemma. Whether the paralegal is working for a law firm, or as an independent, any task undertaken by a paralegal, regardless of how short in time or how small, attorney billable time paralegal expenses have to be paid, and this always falls at the desk of the client.

The attorney billable time paralegal professionals spend on a particular case, has always been a point of contention for law firms and their clients alike. Currently, graduating paralegal students are going to see a change in how attorney billable time paralegal hours are accounted...
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An Army Paralegal Is An Admirable Occupation On Several Levels While there may be thousands of “jokes” about the stereotypical lawyer and those in the law profession, there are few reasons to make jokes about the work of an army paralegal.

An army paralegal is not only serving out country, but doing so in a position is important to maintaining order both within the ranks and with army/civilian relations.

As the U.S. continues to be involved in conflicts in two nations, the need for a legal department in the military that can successfully handle the sensitive important issues related to those conflicts is vital. There have been issues that have arisen that involve violations of both military...
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A Guide On How To Make A Paralegal Research Paper A paralegal research paper, like most research papers, is most effective when it is short and direct to the point. Although a paralegal research paper has a unique texture to it, it still follows the general flow of most research papers. Here are the general steps on how to make a paralegal research paper.

1. In making a paralegal research paper, it is important that the specific topic to be researched is identified. A paralegal research paper will not be effective if, every now and then, the discussion and arguments veer off the topic. It is of critical importance therefore that the topic at hand is researched exhaustively. The paralegal must...
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A Review On Paralegal Degree Requirements: Things To Consider When Gaining Paralegal Education Earning a degree in paralegal studies is one effective way to gain formal education for aspiring paralegals, but various paralegal degree requirements should be taken into consideration when choosing which school and program to enroll in. Training for paralegal work offered by both accredited online schools and established colleges and universities in the country incorporates certain paralegal degree requirements that students should meet before becoming successful graduates and thus eligible applicants for paralegal positions.

Becoming a paralegal or legal assistant is considerably one of the most...
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Can Felons Be Employed As Paralegals? “Can felons be employed as paralegals?” is sometimes in the mind of individuals who recently got out of prison. It is only normal that those who were detained for one or two years for minor delinquencies wish to rebuild their life.

A brief answer to “can felons be employed as paralegals?” is yes. However, in reality, things are much more complicated than that.

Q: Can felons be employed as paralegals? - Hiding your past
A: A felon trying to become a paralegal by hiding his past has very small chances of success. Nowadays almost all paralegals get FBI/CJIS fingerprinting, so it's of little use to try to conceal your past. It will be discovered.
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High Court Leaves New York's Online Sales Tax Law in Place

Dec. 2 was an extraordinary day for Amazon.com: Cyber Monday sales reached new heights, its fanciful plan to use drones to make deliveries was creating buzz -- and then the U.S. Supreme Court spoiled it all by turning down Amazon's challenge to online sales taxes.

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